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>> Thank you to Ekaterina Dobrynina, granddaughter of Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet Ambassador to US (1962 to 1986) for sharing the photos of Samantha's visit to the Soviet Embassy in December of 1984.

>> "Life After Samantha" published in Yankee Magazine (1988) just added to the Archives/Press/1986-1990. 

>> Watch Samantha Smith on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - July 28, 1983 on the SamanthaSmithINFO YouTube channel. 

>> New video, Samantha Smith in the audience at the 8th Soviet National Sports Festival - 1983 on the SamanthaSmithINFO YouTube channel.

>> Natasha Kashirina Remembers her friend Samantha Smith.

>> Samantha Smith Challenge - Challenge your students to make a difference in their world! Read about the results of the first annual Samantha Smith Challenge. 

>> In 1983 a KJ Reporter Told the World About Samantha Smith. Read

>> Samantha Smith in Charge in Charge. Video.

>> Exhibit Honors America's Youngest Ambassador on 30th Anniversary of Her Death - Maine Public Broadcasting. Listen

>> Samantha Smith on The Today Show and on The Phil Donahue Show. Video

>> SamanthaSmithinfo YouTube Channel updated. Video.

>> Celebrating Samantha Smith. Video

>> Exhibit Pays Tribute to Late Elementary School Student Who Penned a Letter to the Soviet Leader. Video

>> Exhibit Honors Samantha Smith. Video.

>> Archives updated - Chicago Tribune, August 27, 1985 article.

>> New article in Portland Press Herald. "Samantha's Smith's Legacy as America's Peace Ambassador Endures After 30 years," by Kelley Bouchard.

>> An exhibit opening on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at the Maine State Museum seeks to pay tribute to Samantha Smith on the 30th anniversary of her tragic death. It will feature photographs by the Russian photographer Vladimir Mashatin. Read about it here.

>> Please visit Archives section for regular photo updates - February 25, 2015.

>> Watch To Russia With Love on our YouTube channel - September 13, 2014.

>> Watch Samantha and the Soviets TV special - April, 23, 2014.

>> "Unlikely Foreign Ambassadors" on Yahoo News, September 9, 2013.

>> Article for the 30th Anniversary of Samantha's trip by Prabir Barua in The Daily Suprobhat Bangladesh in Chittagong, Bangladesh, August, 2013. You can also access the article online.

>> Mikhail Gorbachev Reflects on America's Youngest Ambassador, Samantha Smith by Lena Nelson - Bangor Daily News, July 10, 2013.

>> An excellent perspective on Samantha's adventure in Chicago Tribune article of 1985

>> Smith Family Archive brings to you photographs of Samantha from the personal collection of Samantha's mother, Jane Smith. There you will find photographs of Samantha as a toddler, a school girl, a teenager and of her trips to the USSR and Japan.

>> Big 'thank you' to Laurie LaBar, Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts at the Maine State Museum for giving us a glimpse of the Samantha Smith Collection at the Maine State Museum. 

>> "Samantha Smith Goes to Washington" is a 1984 Disney Special in which Samantha interviews presidential candidates. It appears on SamanthaSmith.info YouTube channel courtesy of the show's producer, Arnold Shapiro. 

>> Thank you to Ryuichi Mori who shared these photographs of Samantha's trip to the Children's Symposium in Kobe, Japan. View here >>


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