December 1982:  Ten-year old Samantha Smith of Manchester, ME writes a letter to Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov to express her worry about the United States and The USSR getting into a nuclear war.

April 1983:  Andropov replies to Samantha reassuring her that the Soviet Union wants no war with the United States.  He invites her to visit the Soviet Union.

July 1983: Samantha, accompanied by her parents, leaves for a two-week trip to the Soviet Union.  She visits Moscow, Leningrad, and the summer camp 'Artek'.

December 1983: Samantha goes on a 10-day trip to Japan, where she delivers a speech at the Children's International Symposium.

February 1985:  An action-adventure television series featuring Samantha is announced.  The show, starring Robert Wagner, is first called "J.G. Culver", then renamed "Lime Street."

August 25, 1985:  Samantha, 13, and her father, Arthur Smith, are killed in a Bar Harbor Airlines crash near Auburn, ME.

October 1985:  The Samantha Smith Foundation is established.  It is a non-profit foundation fostering international understanding.

December 1986:  A statue of Samantha is unveiled in front of the State Cultural Building.  It shows Samantha releasing a dove, with a bear cub at her side.


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